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Show off your team spirit with the Bottle Skinz 5 gallon water cover!

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The ingenious new umbrella with reverse open close technology! We have basically turned the traditional umbrella upside down, and inside out. It makes a waterproof cone when closed - all the wetness stays inside, not on your floor.

• Patented Wind-Release System allows wind to escape between upper and lower canopies preventing inversion during storms and high winds

• Two-color 100% rubber handle with dual-density grip is designed to fit comfortably in your hand or securely in your push cart

• Push button auto-open

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This lamp was mined by hand in the Himalayan Mountains. When turned on the bulb inside provides an ambience of relaxation in your favorite team’s color.
When the Himalayan Salt Lamp is not turned on, it is in its natural color.

• Stands 8” tall

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Show off your team spirit on the grill with the Bottle Skinz Propane Tank Cover! Fits on propane tanks, most 5 gallon water jugs, hardware buckets and more!

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Show your team pride while watering your garden. The NFL Garden Hose expands up to 50 feet, and automatically contracts with no water pressure. Made of tough double-wall construction that is designed to bend and stretch.

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Project your Team’s logos outside on your house for a great decoration or to just show off your team pride. Many great uses inside as well.

The Lite-imation™ Team Pride Light is weather resistant, and comes with 2 light modes: still and rotating. Worry and hassle free as the light automatically shuts off after 8 hours. Light projects over 50 feet! Extra long garden stake for outside, tripod also included for indoor use.

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